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Welcome to the Level 3 – Lean Expert Training Course.

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Using the links on this page, you can access to the training modules for the Lean Expert course. Each module has the necessary training materials which includes a training video, a course workbook and any required supporting documents.


When you click one of the 10 Steps below, you will be taken to a page with the links to the training modules for the specific step you want to access.

Level 3 – Lean Expert Training modules:

Lesson 301: Introduction to Lean Expert

Lesson 302: Organizational Behavior

Lesson 303: Step 1 – Strategy Deployment

Lesson 304: Step 2 – Value Stream Mapping

Lesson 305: Step 3 – Workplace Organization

Lesson 306: Step 4 – Improve Process Flow

Lesson 307: Step 5 – Reduce Changeover Times

Lesson 308: Step 6 – Implement a Pull System

Lesson 309: Step 7 – Balanced Workload

Lesson 310: Step 8 – Standard Work

Lesson 311: Step 9 – Continuous Process Improvement

Lesson 312: Step 10 – Lean Supply Chain

Lesson 313: Additional Learning Resources

Lesson 314: Lean Expert Certification Exams

Lesson 315: Lean Expert Survey