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Welcome to lesson five in the Level 3 – Lean Expert Training Course.

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Lesson 305 – Step 3 Workplace Organization


In the Level 2 – Lean Practitioner training course you learned the importance of Workplace Organization, which includes 5S and Visual Management. You understand how lean principles defined in Workplace Organization will guide any business to clearly recognize wasteful practices in the work area. The recognition of a normal versus an abnormal situation should become obvious “at a glance.”

The ability to create and develop a robust 5S and Visual Management system will determine if a business has the level of internal discipline to implement and sustain lean principles.

In the Level 3 – Lean Expert training course, you will learn about the detailed application and integration of Step 3 – Workplace Organization into as part of a continuous process improvement methodology.

Transformation requires a plan and an infrastructure that is focused on waste reduction to improve value for the customer. It also requires a strong management team that is willing to support the process because the right kind of change does not happen by chance!

In Step 2 – Value Stream Mapping, you identified the process waste, and the next step is to allow teams to re-organize their work areas to eliminate some of the more obvious process related waste.

Lesson 305-1: Introduction to Step 3 Workplace Organization (4:12) In this introduction video, Chris Turner gives an overview of the Level 3 – Lean Expert Step 3 – Workplace Organization training materials, and he explains why they are integral part of  the 10 Step process – 

Lesson 305-2: Step 3 Workplace Organization Part 1 (25:31) – 
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Lesson 305-3: Step 3 Workplace Organization Part 2 (28:53) – 
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Lesson 305-4: Step 3 Workplace Organization Part 3 (10:04) – 
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Lesson 305-5: Step 3 Workplace Organization Part 4 (15:30) – 
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Lesson 305 – Additional Learning Resources


Throughout the Lean Expert course we try to share relevant information that gives a practical example of the application of the lean tools and techniques presented in the training materials.


Video 1: In this video, KCTS shares a case study at BPB Artex Glasgow approach to 5S Workplace Organization (10:46) – Click here to view video


Video 2: In this video, Brian Fyre of LeanCor discusses the design and implementation of a 5S board (4:40) – Click here to view video


Video 3: In this video, participants discuss the visual workplace (7:02) – Click here to view video


Video 4: In this video, by 5S Supply, see how an improvement team go through the process of transforming a warehouse area (5:21) – Click here to view video

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