Step 8 – Standard Work

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Welcome to lesson ten in the Level 3 – Lean Expert Training Course.

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Lesson 310 – Implement Standard Work


In the Level 2 – Lean Practitioner training course you learned how Step 8 – Implement Standard Work is focused on identifying and documenting the best practices to be able to deliver a consistent and repeatable output on-time, every time!

You learned that Standard Work defines the best practices and allows everyone to follow the best methods to achieve the best results.

In the Level 3 – Lean Expert training course, you will learn about the detailed application and integration of Step 8 – Implement Standard Work as part of a continuous process improvement methodology.

Transformation requires a plan and an infrastructure that is focused on waste reduction to improve value for the customer. It also requires a strong management team that is willing to support the process because the right kind of change does not happen by chance!

In Step 7 – Balance the Workload, you learned how to improve flow by balancing two critical factors, which are 1) work content and 2) work scheduling. In this next step, you will learn how to use Standard Work to sustain the gains.

Lesson 310-1: Introduction to Step 8 Implement Standard Work (4:55) In this introduction video, Chris Turner gives an overview of the Level 3 – Lean Expert Step 8 – Implement Standard work training materials, and he explains why they are integral part of the 10 Step training and implementation process – 

Lesson 310-2: Step 8 Implement Standard Work Part 1 (24:49) – 
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Lesson 310 – Additional Learning Resources


Throughout the Lean Expert course we try to share relevant information that gives a practical example of the application of the lean tools and techniques presented in the training materials.


Video 1: In this video, you will see how to capture ides and get them to become a reality using an Idea Board. You will hear employees at Hydromat and Edge Technologies, Rug Doctor, and GSI Diversified talking about the ways in which the Idea Board has served as a powerful driver of change (5:30) – Click here to view video


Video 2: In this video, you will see another concept for capturing ides and get them to become a reality using a Kaizen Board. It uses the PDCA cycle to capture, implement, check and give feedback about the implementation process for a particular idea (1:04) – Click here to view video


Video 3: In this video, you will get an idea of how to present standard work to employees using a Shopfloor Management Board (1:01) – Click here to view video


Video 4: In this video, you will see Brad Frye from LeanCor3PL discussing the Stand Up Board at the Lean Logistics Center (5:43) – Click here to view video


Video 5: In this short video, Paul Ackers of FastCap shares a practical example of Standard Work as part of his company’s continuous process improvement (1:46) – Click here to view video

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