Understanding the meaning of kaizen can impact success!

Kaizen is a philosophical concept of incremental improvements over time.

Does your employees know the meaning of the Japanese term “kaizen“? It is important for every business owner to know  and understand the meaning of this term. It can be the difference between success and failure when trying to change your processes!

KaizenKaizen is a way of life that is inherent within the Japanese culture and was integrated into the Toyota Production System (TPS) after World War II. It has become the buzz word or keyword that is immediately recognizable with the process of continuous improvement.

Cultural change starts with the acceptance of the kaizen philosophy!

When a business can implement small improvements on a regular basis over a period of time, it eventually leads to changes in the culture. Cultural acceptance of change is the goal of all continuous improvement. Without the acceptance of a Kaizen philosophy, there will be an ongoing resistance to change and this will force a business to return to its old ways.

I like what George Bernard Shaw had to say about this, “If a person can’t change their mind, they cannot change anything.” This is the secret to putting Kaizen into practice!